Why RMI?

Our Mission

As a trusted market leader, we have a global reach with a focus on candidates being hired across Asia Pacific. We pride ourselves on our strong client relationships, and because of the personal and confidential nature of our business, we place a high value on delivering our services with care and respect.

Background checks may appear the same across the industry but the RMI methodology allows us to deliver results with faster turnaround time and with a level of customer care that is unrivaled in the industry.

RMI Methodology

  • RMI service levels are designed to protect your employer brand. In today’s competitive market we understand that a positive experience can greatly impact a candidate’s perception of your employer brand. That’s why a local case manager is dedicated to each new case and this same contact follows the case from start to finish, guiding candidates through the process.
  • RMI Consultants are trained in effective management of candidate data, particularly in the case of adverse findings. Our experienced Consultants are committed to providing guidance and direction on relevant industry legislation and best practice, not just to act as a data centre.
  • RMI teams are driven by the successful closure of background checks, not by endless process. We will use our initiative to pursue checks to their conclusion in order to provide the most comprehensive reports to our customers.

Our mission is to deliver the most accurate and sophisticated candidate intelligence with unrivaled levels of customer care.