RMI Referencing

RMI Referencing

Investigative Referencing

RMI Referencing is an independent, investigative referencing solution that provides insight to your candidate’s, working style, strengths, and achievements in a way that cannot be captured on a resume.

Referencing is a time consuming process often made more challenging by time constraints, conflicts of interest and poor training.

RMI References are in-depth interviews conducted verbally, providing clients with a detailed qualitative report on their prospective candidates. We tailor each reference interview to your candidate’s industry, job function, and level of seniority to ensure you have the most comprehensive and accurate information available. We speak with referees who have had the relevant exposure to your candidate and take steps to ensure the authenticity of the information provided so that the reference provided is a true reflection of work history.

We gather specific intelligence on your candidates’:

  • Key skills, strengths and areas for development
  • Key performance and leadership competencies
  • Technical capabilities
  • Behavioural traits with colleagues, cross-functional teams and clients
  • Cultural fit across the organisation and industry

Gathering candidate intelligence through investigative referencing can significantly benefit an organisation making key hires by:

  • Validating the information a candidate provides during the hiring process
  • Highlighting any errors, omissions or misrepresentations
  • Probing deeper to establish cultural fit
  • Determining the candidate’s impact on organisational performance
  • Providing detailed background information for the hiring manager

RMI references are designed to complement the recruitment process. Our goal is to help you gather and verify the right information before you make an employment offer.