Unbiased and investigative

Providing key insights to help you pick the right candidate, the first time.

Making a job offer based solely on a candidate’s interview performance can be risky. A candidate may have made a great first impression, but have you thought about the benefit of validating the information they have given you? Verifying information gathered throughout the interview process will increase the chances of hiring the right candidate, the first time. Our goal is to help you gather and verify the correct information before you make an employment offer. Our referencing reports help you make an accurate and informed decision based on fact, not fiction.


Drive efficiency

Save time and money spent on ineffective reference checking.

Reinforce impressions

Gather valuable information to validate your first impressions.

Unbiased approach

Receive an independent and objective account of your candidate.

Consistent engagement

Standardise the reference check process for your business.

When generating a referencing report, we validate a candidate’s account of their work performance and team fit through professional referencing which helps provide an informative and factual view of the shortlisted candidate.


RMI’s unbiased referencing reports are also used extensively by line managers to better understand their new prospective employee. Information around factors driving motivation, areas for improvement, competencies and weaknesses allows the hiring manager to get the most out of their new hire from day one.

Our reports deliver you insights on:

Key competencies

Behavioural traits

Work performance

Development areas

Professional integrity

Leadership abilities

Technical knowledge

Cultural fit

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