Certificate Verification for admissions into programmes offered by NTU Singapore

RMI has been endorsed by the Nanyang Technological University (NTU SG) to verify the authenticity of certificates from applicants who wish to enrol into the University.

SG$97.20 (w/GST)
SG$90 (w/o GST)

*The turnaround time for the Certificates Check is on average 15 business days with the exception of India- and China-based education checks.
*GST 8.00% charged for Singapore customers only.
*Have a question? Please see our FAQs here.

As part of the verification process, applicants may submit their certificates directly to RMI by following the steps below.

RMI Process Flow

Process details

Step 1

Carefully read the instructions before proceeding.

Step 2

Read and electronically sign the Letter of Engagement, which sets out the terms and conditions for our services.

Step 3

Read and electronically sign the Letter of Authorisation. The Letter of Authorisation is a mandatory document that provides permission for RMI to conduct the verification process and to allow the relevant institutions to provide your student information to RMI. For more information, refer to the FAQs.

Step 4a

Complete your details.

Step 4b

RMI requires you to upload the following documents:

    • a copy of your degree, diploma or certificate in the original language it was issued in by the university, college or institute; and
    • a copy of your passport

In accordance with NTU requirements, for non-English documents, RMI requires an English translation of the original document.

Please note:

    • If the educational institution is located in India, we require a copy of your marksheet.
    • If the educational institution is located in China, we require a copy of your Degree Certificate 学位证书 and Graduating Certificate 毕业证书 .
    • If there is a variance between the name listed on the passport and the name on the education certificate, please provide supporting documents e.g. deed poll, marriage certificate.

Step 5

Make payment.  Please refer to the FAQs for accepted payment methods.

Step 6

Once the verification process has been completed, RMI will send a Final Report (detailing the verification results) in PDF format to the email address provided during the initial online submission.