Comprehensive global screening

Delivering the most accurate and up-to-date information about your candidates – regardless of the role, your company size, office location or industry.

As part of our screening services, we do the following:

  • Qualification Verification
  • Fraudulent qualification claims are on the rise. Did you know that up to 75% of HR leaders have caught a lie on a resume at least once in their careers? We retain a direct channel with university registrars and student records terms across the globe to ensure all candidate education credentials are verified straight from the source.

Did you know that up to 75% of HR leaders caught a lie on resumes at least once in their careers?

  • Employment Verification
  • Perhaps the most valuable component in a resume is a candidate’s work experience. Employment history checks play a vital role in uncovering errors or omissions in an application, providing visibility on the hire. Our language specialists play an important role in reducing turnaround time by detecting written nuances within the application.
  • Directorship Searches
  • An efficient way of identifying potential conflicts of interest in senior or management hires is to do a directorship search. We work with the local business registration authorities to ascertain if a candidate is legally listed as an owner, director, shareholder or company secretary of a locally registered business entity, providing clear visibility.
  • Identification Verification
  • A core fundamental to any new hire is to verify that the person is indeed who they say they are. This quick and efficient process will bring you valuable piece of mind in the recruitment process. Our data sources are robust and reliable, matching candidates with a host of public, government, utilities and consumer marketing records.
  • Financial Health Checks
  • When you are looking to on-board a senior position who will gain access to sensitive business information or be given the authority over certain financial operations, it does pay-off to conduct a financial health check on the hire. Knowing an individual’s credit worthiness and financial health might mitigate potential workplace fraud.
  • Reputational Checks
  • Where legally permitted, we are able to conduct both criminal checks and civil litigation checks with the relevant local and/or international authorities. These checks help organisations identify any prior malpractice and misdemeanours in a candidate’s past. A strong method to weed out risky hires.

of surveyed employers have been affected by a bad hire.

The average cost to a company due to a bad hire: US$15,000
  • Sanctions and Media Searches
  • We access global datasets such as Global Fraudster, Crimes of Dishonesty, and Global Law Enforcement to identify any unfavourable details about a candidate. Searches are also conducted against 20,000 global online and print media agencies to uncover any adverse press findings.

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