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Why are comprehensive screening checks necessary? 

The best hiring decisions are made based on the most current and accurate information about prospective employees – and comprehensive background screening can help you obtain this. Here at RMI, our background screening services include:

Reduce the risk of fraud 

RMI keeps in contact with university registrars and student record teams worldwide to ensure candidate education credentials are verified directly from the source.  

Understand candidates’ work experience 

Employment history checks can help uncover errors or omissions in a candidate’s work history. Our language specialists are especially adept at detecting written nuances in each application.  

Identify potential conflicts of interest

Particularly for senior and management roles, conflicts of interest can be a major concern. RMI provides visibility by working with local business registration authorities to determine if a candidate is legally listed as an owner, director, shareholder or company secretary of a locally registered business entity.  

Confirm candidates’ identity 

Is your candidate who they say they are? With our robust and reliable data sources, the identification verification process is quick and efficient, matching candidates with a host of public, government, utilities and consumer marketing records, bringing you peace of mind.   

Assess candidates’ financial health 

Before onboarding a hire in a role that gives them access to sensitive business information or authority over financial operations, conduct a financial health check. Understanding their creditworthiness and financial health can help mitigate fraud risk.  

Discover candidates’ true reputation 

Authenticating and verifying your candidate’s professional background and career reputation is important, especially if they are applying for a sensitive or high-level role. We ensure that credentials are examined thoroughly for potential red flags. 

Uncover candidate information from print and the web 

With access to global datasets such as Global Fraudster, Crimes of Dishonesty, and Global Law Enforcement, RMI can conduct press searches against 20,000 global online and print media agencies to find and identify vital candidate information so you can avoid a risky hire. 

Who we are

Your partner in candidate intelligence

We help you gain clear visibility into your future hires through our suite of managed background verification services.

Outstanding service levels

Each new engagement will have a dedicated local case manager who will manage the case from start to finish.

Partners, not just providers

We do more than just data processing. We guide our clients on relevant legislation and best practices. 

Delivery is our commitment

We ensure all checks are performed to completion so that our clients get the most comprehensive report possible.


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Frequently asked questions

Have a question about RMI’s screening solutions? We have the answers for you. 

Contact us to learn more about which specific screening services are most suitable for your situation.

Candidate screening takes approximately 15 working days.

Costs may vary depending on the services you choose. Speak to one of our team so we can help you develop a solution to meet your exact needs.

RMI works closely with worldwide university registrars and student record teams and local business registration authorities, and uses global datasets such as Global Fraudster, Crimes of Dishonesty, and Global Law Enforcement to provide the most accurate and comprehensive screenings.

Other solutions

We help you gain clear visibility into your future hires through our suite of managed background verification services.