RMI Screening

RMI Screening

RMI Employment Screening Solutions

Our comprehensive global screening solutions deliver the most accurate and up-to-date information about your candidates – regardless of the role, your company size, office location or industry.

We can advise on screening packages across the employee spectrum from recent graduates to employees being promoted to more senior or sensitive positions and to Director level roles. We will take time to understand your existing policies and procedures before working with you to create a solution from our suite of services.

Education and Qualification Verification  

With the rise in fraudulent qualification claims, we are in direct contact with university registrars and student records terms across the globe to verify candidate credentials and suitability for a job offer.

Employment Verification

Build an accurate picture of work history through our employment verification services. Employment history checks play a vital role in highlighting any errors or omissions in a candidate’s application and ensure you are hiring the best candidate for the job. Our language specialists play an important role in reducing the turnaround time of our employment checks.

Identification Verification

Fundamental to any new hire is ensuring you are recruiting someone who is who they say they are. Identification checks are an efficient way to do this with a quick turnaround time, preventing delays in the recruitment process.

Financial Health Checks

Financial health checks are proven to reduce instances of workplace fraud. RMI offers a range of checks to provide organisations with more detail on an individual’s financial health, including creditworthiness and bankruptcy rulings. This can be particularly important when hiring into senior positions, and positions with access to sensitive information.

Criminal and Civil Litigation Checks

Where legally permitted, RMI conducts both criminal checks and civil litigation checks with the relevant local and/or international authorities. This supports organisations to identify any malpractice in a candidates past.

Directorship Searches

RMI searches if a candidate is legally listed as an owner, director, shareholder or company secretary of a locally registered business. This is an efficient way to identify any potential conflicts of interest, particularly important for those with positions of responsibility and influence.

Global Database and Global Media Searches

RMI searches global datasets such as Global Fraudster, Crimes of Dishonesty, and Global Law Enforcement to identify any unfavourable details about a candidate. Searches are also conducted against 20,000 global online and print media agencies to uncover any adverse press findings.