RMI’s Ron Arban on silver linings during COVID-19

Written by
RMI Team (F)

Ron Arban has held the role of Operations Manager at RMI for the past six years, applying his experience in the background screening industry to grow the team and achieve more through partnerships with companies across a range of industries. Ron has shared his experience of challenges and silver linings during the COVID-19 situation, and the unifying effect this has had on people.

What is the biggest challenge as Operations Manager during COVID-19 period? 

Maintaining our SLA.  Most schools and offices are closed during this period of pandemic and getting verifications completed is obviously challenging.  Even though some have work from home arrangements, there are still delays in completing verification requests as staff have limited access to records. We have to keep our clients in the loop of current situations around the globe which affect our deliverables.

What do you most enjoy about your role at RMI? 

Being able to share my knowledge in the screening business and learning from my team as well. It’s a give-and-take relationship, I would say. I also enjoy managing people. Different personalities require different approaches. I learn from different point of views.

Tell us about your greatest achievement in your current role? 

Being able to grow the team. We started very small, but our team keeps on growing and growing as we keep on signing new clients (some through referrals). This means that we are doing a great job at RMI.

What have been the silver linings at work or otherwise, during the COVID-19 period? 

This pandemic has allowed me to spend more quality time with my little girl. I am glad to be able to give her the attention she needs as she discovers new things and reaches milestones as she grows.

At work, we have more time for (virtual) meetings. This gives us more opportunities to share ideas on how to improve our services which is great preparation for when work resumes post-pandemic.

This challenging period has also brought people together from different walks of life. People are giving each other hope and courage that this will soon be over, and soon everything will return to a new kind of normal.