Robust and localised

Designed, developed and tested specifically for use across Asia-Pacific.

When measuring personality and values, we have found that most current assessments assume effective behaviours at work should be the same, regardless of the region or cultural environment. However, cultural values and the resulting behaviours are why workplaces differ so dramatically by region and this needs to be understood to be measured. 


Our Asia-Pacific experience has led to the development of a dedicated assessment platform for the region. We partner with Aperio to develop the Behavioural Preferences Insight (BPI), an assessment of preferences for the workplace that takes into account cultural and social nuances.


Cultural Nuances

Understanding cultural and religious factors that affects mindset.

Social cues

How the candidate interacts on a personal and business level

Personality traits

Discovering key motivators and understanding thought process.

Matching Values

Comprehend personal values and find parallels.

The assessment measures behavioural dimensions that are key for success in Asia-Pacific. It is built by esteemed Professor Giles Hirt and colleagues following detailed interviews with regional business leaders across a diverse range of industries. Aperio BPI has been rigorously tested and scientifically validated with extensive comparison groups in Asia.


This assessment provides a locally informed and balanced view on individuals by studying behavioural dimensions that are most pertinent across Asia-Pacific. 

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