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Get your candidate education verified.

RMI is a Global Verification Agency that has been endorsed by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) Singapore to:

1. Verify that the qualifications listed on an education certificate are genuine; and
2. Verify that the certificate has been awarded by an Accredited Institution.

To start your education verification, please fill in the form below and submit the required documents.

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ECDA Verification (Company)
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Before continue, you will need to obtain the following documents from the candidate to start the process:

  • a copy of the candidate’s degree, diploma or certificate in the original language it was issued in by the university, college or institute;
  • a copy of the candidate’s passport; and
  • a Letter of Authorisation signed by the candidate.

The Letter of Authorisation is a mandatory document that provides permission for RMI to conduct the verification process and to allow the relevant institutions to provide the student information to RMI. You will need to enter your candidate's active email address as we will send an online Letter of Authorisation for the candidate to electronically sign after you make an order.

Download here.

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Please note:

  • Standard turnaround is 18 business days.
    Kindly refer to instructions given by ECDA in relation to your application and the checks required.