Leading the way in Asia-Pacific’s employment background screening

When due diligence mitigates business risks.

Founded in 2012 by HR professionals, RMI has quickly become a trusted partner for Asia-Pacific organisations, offering a highly personalised and comprehensive background screening service.


Because we understand recruitment and customer service, we’ve designed our background checks so it remains a people-centric process that delivers to the needs of a business. We ensure the process itself is a great experience for your future employees and we leave no stone unturned!


Due diligence and background checks during the recruitment of any future hire is critical for the modern business, particularly when resume fraud is on the rise. Statistics show that more than 53% of all resumes contain falsifications.


Compounded by the rising gig economy, we understand business owners are facing new sets of challenges when it comes to uncovering embellishments and misrepresentations during the interview process.


By tapping into our deep business and HR experience, you can leave the toughest part of your on-boarding process to us.


Businesses can’t afford the risk of not having the right checks and balances in place when hiring. It is equally important for businesses to ensure the background screening process is unobtrusive and contributes to a pleasant experience for both the company and candidate.


Misleading information0%
Inflated salary claims0%
Inaccurate job descriptions0%

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