Selecting the right background check company

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RMI Team (F)

As more organisations begin to make background checks a standard in their recruitment process, it’s important that HR organisations know how to select the right background check company.

Here are a few tips on selecting the right background check company for you:

1. Know your needs

It’s important to establish the needs of your organisation. Do you want an automated service portal where you enter the candidate’s details online and then have results instantly or do you want something more in-depth?

Automated web services are good for limited checks and are relatively fast and easy to conduct yourself. However, a full-service provider will conduct a more detailed screening and will be well-versed in the different laws governing background checks. They will be able to access information that is not available to automated web services and can also conduct reference checks, if required.

2. Experience

Just like no two companies are alike, the same can be said about locations and industries. It’s important to select a background check company with experience in your industry and one that has knowledge about the local and regional laws that govern background checks.

Ask about their client retention rate, screening statistics and if they have clients in your industry. And make sure they can conduct a thorough search on candidates who have lived and worked in different countries or regions.

3. Flexibility

Not every job will require the same degree of candidate review. Choose a background check company that can meet the various needs of your business. Potential candidates for the finance team will almost certainly require a different type of screening than those joining the operations department.

4. Candidate experience

HR teams put a lot of effort into ensuring that candidates have the right experience with their organisations. A background check organisation must be able to live up to that standard. Don’t let the candidate fall into a black hole where updates and questions are lost in spam filters.

5. Speed

The time it takes to conduct a background check depends on the type of screening conducted. It’s easier (and faster) to conduct a check on someone who has lived and worked in one location or only had one or two employers.

Most reputable background check companies can provide a candidate report within 5-15 business days depending on the type of screening required.

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