It’s time to put the ‘human’ back in hiring

Written by
RMI Team (F)

So, your business is growing. You need someone, maybe multiple people, and you need hiring them quickly. But your job ad posts are not attracting as many applications as you hoped, or at least not qualified ones. So you ask your teams to scour their network, and maybe even decide at that point to use a recruiter.

You start to make progress – you’re interviewing candidates and you’ve narrowed it down. Your new hire is in sight! But, then the candidate you had your heart set on turns you down. You were so close, and so certain that it was the right-fit and going ahead. You’re left confused and frustrated as it’s back to square one. 

What went wrong? 

You would think hiring would be the most human of all endeavours, however in today’s digital world, sadly it’s not. Like most companies, you’ve probably implemented some sort of technology to screen your employment applications. You’ve perhaps even employed generic personality and aptitude assessments or found other ways to accelerate the interviewing process or the endless amounts of onboarding paperwork.  

Technology solutions are helpful and definitely assist in improving your recruitment success rate. But with all the blessings technology has afforded us, it has also gotten in the way. 

In today’s candidate-driven market, top talent doesn’t necessarily like the transactional and impersonal style of modern-day recruitment, particularly when it comes to screening, assessment and referencing.

Many companies and outsourced firms are failing to nurture candidates throughout this tedious and often frustrating process. Meanwhile, your candidates are receiving multiple offers and when they find someone who does nurture them, they jump ship, quickly!  

So how can you improve the candidate experience during the recruitment process in an attempt to make the right hire and keep them engaged until their start date? 

 1. Use candidate-centric employment screening to your advantage 

To uncover CV embellishments early, pre-screening will save you, and your potential candidate time, effort and cost. But, remember top candidates are evaluating you as much as you are evaluating them.  

The way a candidate experiences your company hiring or onboarding process can leave them feeling either exhilarated – or underwhelmed – which do you think is likely to lead to a more engaged and productive future employee that doesn’t jump at the first competing offer? Be sure that the background screening process reflects the positive candidate experience that you are striving for.

 2. Utilise tested talent assessment tools specifically for use across Asia-Pacific 

By combining the psychometric data pulled from our APAC-centric talent assessment tools with the insight from your face-to-face interviews you are armed with more information to make a confident hiring decision. Our personalised approach to administering these tests is the difference between hiring top talent and losing them.

3. Engage independent, investigative referencing that delivers strong candidate insights  

Sure, vetting work history and conducting references is time-consuming but with statistics showing resume fraud is on the rise, it’s critical. To keep your candidate certain your company is the best possible fit for them this must be achieved quickly. 

Using our RMI methodology we deliver results with faster turnaround time and with a level of customer care that is unrivalled in the industry. Being an independent party in the screening process, RMI’s references are unbiased. 

4. High quality and detailed investigation through hiring process

Businesses can’t afford the risk of not having the right checks and balances in place when hiring. It is equally important for businesses to ensure the background screening process is unobtrusive.  

To pull this off, you need the right technology that supports a relationship-driven approach and delivers honest and transparent insight. This enhances your brand and increases the likelihood of your candidate excelling when they’re finally on the job. 

Remember, top talent is no longer knocking on doors. You need to ‘wow’ your future hires and so it’s time to put the ‘human’ back in hiring.  

By tapping into our deep business and HR experience, you can leave the toughest part of your onboarding process to us and be assured that we will value your employee relationships.

We do this by putting ourselves in your candidate’s shoes because we know it makes the difference between winning that perfect candidate or driving them away (and you’ll probably pick up customers and brand advocates along the way).

Behind the scenes, we’re also backing up our relationship-based approach with science and measurement, win-win.