RMI to debut new client and candidate portal, RIMA, on 1 June 2023

RMI is proud to announce that our new screening platform RIMA system will go live on 1 June 2023.

Designed to allow the best possible user experience, RIMA is our new client and candidate portal. With ready ATS integration, RIMA can sync data across platforms and enable a simpler and smoother user journey. The system also leverages artificial intelligence and automation to streamline and enhance our end-to-end processes and further improve our high standards of service and market-leading turnaround time. Through RIMA, users will have instant support via live chat and ready access to the data that they need to make informed hiring decisions.

This positions us for success and keeps us future-ready as digital transformation ramps up across industries and sectors.

“RMI is excited to present our new screening platform RIMA, which has been under development for some time. RIMA is built based on feedback and wishes lists from our clients, analytics made by external consultants that we have engaged along with our more than a decade experience within the industry,” said Mervyn Ho, General Manager, RMI. “We are confident that RIMA will help us take our services and solutions to another level as we continue to deliver people-centric service and provide a future-ready screening platform. We continuously strive to be your most trusted verification partner.”

Learn more about RMI’s screening and verification services and solutions here.