Get your candidate education verified.

RMI is a Global Verification Agency that has been endorsed by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Singapore to:

1. Verify that the qualifications listed on an education certificate are genuine; and
2. Verify that the certificate has been awarded by an Accredited Institution.

To start your education verification, please fill in the form below and submit the required documents.

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Before continue, you will need to obtain the following documents from the candidate to start the process:

  • a copy of the candidate’s degree, diploma or certificate in the original language it was issued in by the university, college or institute;
  • a copy of the candidate’s passport; and
  • copy of the Letter of Authorisation signed by the candidate.

The Letter of Authorisation is a mandatory document that provides permission for RMI to conduct the verification process and to allow the relevant institutions to provide the student information to RMI. You can download a copy in the button below and request your candidate to sign it.

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